Ramia Schannel, the Muslim YouTuber from Spain who advised the European Commission

She is always smiling and has a natural gift to speak in front of the camera, although she assures to be shy and feel “stressed” when she is surrounded by many people. That is why she gets nervous when someone recognizes her on the street. This young lady from Barcelona (Spain) who graduated in Business Management has more than 38,000 followers on her YouTube channel, Ramia Schannel.

Never say this to a victim of terrorism
and the best ways to help

Do not give them any advice, hug them. This is one of the main tips that the psychologist Sara Bosch, with 25 years of experience attending victims of terrorism, has shared with Salam Plan. Perhaps you can also contribute to make each day more bearable for the victims of a terrorist attack. Or maybe you are a victim yourself and you do not even know it.