The fight against terrorism remains the top priority for EU citizens

77% of EU citizens see the fight against terrorism as the top priority. © Salam Plan

77% of the European citizens call for more EU intervention against terrorism, according to the Eurobarometer published on Tuesday. 

Only 32% of respondents consider the EU’s fight against terrorism as adequate, although it is a 9% more than in 2016. At the same time, 57% of the citizens assess the EU’s fight against terrorism as insufficient, a 12% less than in the former Eurobarometer.

Terrorism is placed as the top priority of the survey respondents, closely followed by unemployment (76%) and the protection of the environment (75%). “These three areas were and remain the citizens’ top priorities’ for European intervention,” the report says.

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Together with the fight against tax fraud (74%), promotion of democracy and peace in the world (73%) and migration (72%) these six policy areas also match the topics citizens have chosen as priorities for the European elections next May.

27,601 people older than 15 years and from the 28 EU countries took part in the survey. 

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